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Thursday, June 20, 2013


I have said I am a believer in chaos. I wanted to expand on that.

In my eyes Chaos is similar to karma but different. Karma is like the Wiccan law of 3, everything you send out comes back to you threefold, therefor if you do good, it comes back triple, but if you do evil, the bad is three times as bad. In Chaos however, each action is sent out, in an ever expanding sphere, sort of like the rings of a pebble being thrown in a pond. If you skip a stone over the pond, there are multiple rings, each adding and subtracting from the next and the next ring, causing larger swells and falls, or even cancelling each other for that moment when they meet. As it goes, it is absorbed by the pond, never actually disappearing but joining with other forces until they coalesce into what again is a smooth, unbroken surface of the pond.

A thought or an opinion you have, resonates in your mind, and makes you act or react in a certain way. It can be absorbed into your unconscious, be let loose through your subconscious, or stay conscious and acted on. It can combine with other thoughts and opinions and be quieted and absorbed, or combined to make a swell in your opinions. You can block what another person says, not even considering it consciously while it build in your subconscious until it has to be acted on or rejected. You can spread your own conclusion, and action out, and have further reactions by others. If your action is small, it may have little or no affect, if it is large, it may have more far reaching affect. If it's doing a "random act of kindness" it may resonate in the recipient or someone who sees it, and start a chain reaction, or if it's an evil it may spread a fear or anger in others. Each reaction is dependent on how firm the resolve of the recipient or spectator is at blocking or allowing the action to expand. Each reaction is in it's own way chaotically spread out as a video on the internet that either sits unwatched or goes viral and everyone sees it.

Like Karma, Chaos gets reactions, but it never really returns except in chaotic ways. Every supposedly Karmic return is just Chaos taking it's turn and randomly allowing you to maybe win the lottery, get that better job/position, or negatively, put you in the path of that truck that missed a red light. Each may come after years of opposite luck, but are the result of the random actions of the powers and beings that are currently in force. Karma is just people wishing that the good they do comes back, or the evil others do hurts those who do evil, and noticing the good or evil that happened and giving it a reason. Chaos is saying that stuff happens.

Now I am going to post this, letting it go into the internet, and hoping that some people read it, and maybe get something from it. Either letting it swim around in your head, or sharing it with others, so that the internet, and Chaos, can let it take it's path to where ever it will go.

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