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Friday, August 2, 2013

Cooking 4 Guys - Kitchen Gadgets

If you ever spent a sleepless night surfing the tv, you have seen some of the most amazing gadgets. Gadgets to help you clean. Gadgets to help you in the garden. Gadgets to make women look sexier, prettier, healthier, more well endowed. Gadgets for your to do lists. And one of the biggest categories, kitchen gadgets.

Two of the kings of Kitchen Gadgets are of course Ron Popeil, the God of late night infomercials, and George Foreman, with the many variations of the George Foreman Grills.

Ron Popeil, the man behind Ronco, and Popeil, was a tinkerer. He either improved or created items that made your life simpler and easier. From the Popeil Pocket Fisherman, to the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie, He gave us what we didn't know we wanted, and did it for less. And of course when you thought you were getting everything you could, but wait, we will also add the set of Ginsu knives, or some other bonus item, that takes the amazing item you were buying and made it better.

Then you have George Foreman, Olympic Gold Medalist and 2 time heavy weight boxing champion. When he made his comback for his second title, he said it was due to healthy eating. Russell Hobbs Inc. came to George with an offer, that took George from being a well paid athlete to a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. At it's peak he was making millions of dollar a month for his endorcement. Finally the company paid him to be able to use his name on the Grills.

Now to the Gadgets.

Starting with the Showtime Rotisserie, nothing could fit cooking for guys, then as Ron and his studio audience says, "You just Set It, and Forget It!" You can start easy and put on Hot Dogs or Wieners, or your favorite sausage or wurst. Use the rack and make hamburgers or fish. Or go all the way with a roasted chicken or a roast beef or pork.

With the Foreman Grill, you can make anything you would regularly make on a grill outdoors, indoors now. Hot dogs, hamburgers, Use as a press to make Grilled Cheese or Paninis. Grill chicken breasts or fish. Even the worlds perfect food, Bacon.

One of the first Kitchen Gadgets I got, was somewhere between many of the other gadgets. I don't even know if it has a special name, just the sandwich maker. Each half of the maker has 4 triangles, 2 sets of 2 side by side, so it is a square cut in half diagonally. The triangles are indented with a shelf so that when closed and cooking it seals the edges of the sandwich. Great for grilled cheese, or fruit pies using bread and jelly or jam. Another great item I've made in them is triangle pancakes. Use your favorite pancake mix, and cook them into pancakes you can pick up and dip in your syrup. Or corn muffins, using a box of Jiffy or other corn bread mix, and do the same. Any muffin mix or even cake mix can be used to make individual treats. A bonus is adding a filling to the batter and let it cook inside it. Cutting hot dogs, or pre cooked breakfast sausages to the desired length you add them to the corn bread for corn dogs, or to the pancake for pigs in the blanket.

Every gadget starts with one original purpose, but grow either with the recipe book you get with the gadget, or online at the company web site or even communities set up of fans of the gadgets. And there are so many things you can do just using your imagination and whatever you have in your refrigerator.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Some Random Thoughts

I see so many posts on Social Networks where one person has a dissenting voice. Whether I agree with or disagree with that voice, I enjoy that someone posts that voice, unless it becomes a flame war like the good ol' days of dial up bbs.

I follow people with ideas and ideals both the same and contrary to mine. I want to know what the "others" are thinking, too. I try to not allow others to upset me enough with their posts, and most times when a post comes up I don't agree with, I'll look up the information that is offered.

Everyone comes to Facebook, or Google+, or Twitter, or any social Network, as a choice. I choose to sign on . I choose who I follow. I choose which posts to read. I choose to ignore or unfriend anyone I wish to. I choose not to follow blindly. I choose to research what is posted. I choose to accept or reject. You can too.

I am not a Sheeple, I do not think like "normal" folk. I enjoy posting things just for the reaction I get. If we disagree, then we can start a discussion, but if it appears that no progress is made in either direction, then we must agree to disagree.

I am not aiming any post at anyone in particular, unless I tag you specifically. If you are offended or take it personally, I apologize that you feel I am attacking you. I friended you because I enjoyed our real face to face interactions, or I like what you post here on Facebook. I do not wish to change that friending, but I will not step back from a belief without a reason, and I accept your challenge to see things your way, although I don't guarantee that I will ever do so.

I do not want anyone to have to walk a mile in my shoes, or live the life I did. I like that you try to understand what I've gone through, but to tell the truth, I don't really care. I am me, and I don't understand what you've gone through except through what you've related to me. I know there is more then one side to a story, and many times there is more then 2 or 3. I've heard it and seen it many times with people I know. But I still don't fully understand what's going on. Don't ask me to choose someone, either - or, I won't, and if you are insecure enough, then I will miss you when you are gone.