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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Things Change

Life is chaos, it is in a state of constant change, so therefor I have decided to change this Blog from a lotto blog to an all encompassing blog about anything and everything. I may make posts about the lotto, and I am sure that at times there will be some posts that have a commercial aspect to them, but this won't be a commercial blog, just a way to share things, and if I can make a few cents here and there, I won't argue. I may make posts that are shared on other networks, and definitely will be sharing this post or at least link to it on most of my other social networks. I hope what I write will interest you, making you laugh, or think, or take action. Come back often, leave your opinion in the comments, let me know if you have an interest that I might share. Also check out my micro blog at, it's sort of like a personal twitter feed, especially since most posts are also shared on my twitter account. I post links and short one liners there, where here I share more extended writings. Take care and safe travels. Tuck

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