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Friday, July 26, 2013

Cooking 4 Guys - Pizza

Pizza, along with Wings, are 2 of the most eaten foods on SB Sunday. You either order from your favorite pizza joint, many have pizza and wing deals for the game, or you pop a frozen pizza into the oven before the game, or time it so it's ready at half time. It's so easy, but it's easy to make your own quicky pizza for one or a small group with items that may already be around.

First is one that they already sell at some pizza joints, the french bread or garlic bread pizza. You take a sub or steak roll, or even a hot dog or burger roll. Put some butter, margarine, or veggie oil, purist may say olive oil, but we aren't purist, we are just hungry, onto the roll. Add some garlic powder, or grated garlic to it. A pinch or two of your favorite Italian seasoning, an Italian seasoning blend, some basil, some oregano as example. Stick it in the toaster oven and toast for a minute or so. From here you can go white and just add the toppings and some cheese, and toast until the cheese starts to turn brown. Or you can go red, and add some tomato sauce of some sort, the toppings, and the cheese. Using English muffins as the base is also a great choice.

For those who like thin pizza, you can move over to tortillas or wraps. Make it the same way as the french bread pizza, except I would use a spray like Pam, especially the garlic, or olive oil flavored. Don't bother to toast it before had, and watch it as it gets cooking, the tortillas can start to burn quickly. A combo I like to make with tortilla pizza is a taco pizza. For this I use crushed or diced tomatoes, or salsa, as the tomato sauce. Add some ground beef, and either some chili powder or taco seasoning, (you know you can close up the packets and save them in a sandwich bag or in a plastic container to use again later).I'll use a Mexican blend or cheese, or even just cheddar cheese. Let it cook until the cheese melts, top with your favorite taco toppings, avocado, guacamole, tomatoes or more salsa, lettuce, onions, olives. Another option is re-fried beans on the tortilla before putting on the tomato or salsa, and you can make your own personal version of a 7 layer dip.

Finally I have an easy pizza for a group of guys getting together. Get a can of biscuits like Pillsbury Grands. Read the can for 2 numbers, the temperature to cook it on and how long to cook it. Turn on the oven to the temperature you read. Grab a square cake pan, a round cake pan, or pie pan, a casserole dish, or some sort of oven cookware, even a cast iron skillet. Open the can of biscuits and cut each biscuit in quarter. Oil the bottom of the pan how every you want to, spray or actual oil. Place the biscuit pieces into the pan. Top with your pizza sauce, same as above, use what you have and a little bit of seasoning of choice. Place toppings and Italian cheese on top, and put into the oven and cook for however long it said on the biscuit tube. Make sure the cheese is melted to you liking, and enjoy.

Each one is quick and easy, and with the french bread and tortilla pizza, everyone can make their own combination.

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